Simple Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

This Spring, extend that Spring-cleaning enthusiasm to your car as well to keep it in perfect shape and form. Below are some very simple yet significant ways you can ensure your car is ready and raring to go this spring.

Wash Your Car

Winter can leave a lot of snow, salt, and dirt on your car, especially on the lower sections. This can be detrimental to performance and smooth functioning. So, it is essential to wash your car thoroughly. Do it yourself or get it done professionally, but make sure it gets done either way. 

If you are washing it yourself, a good hack to follow is adding a little baking soda to the water. This will get rid of any salt build-up and keep the paint on the body intact.

Check the Wipers

Winters can be extremely rough for your wiper blades, so consider replacing them if you notice them streaking. With ensuing Spring rains, you will need the wiper blades working effectively. Also, while we are at the subject of wipers, replenish your wiper fluid. A lot of it gets consumed during the winter season, so make sure to top it up when Spring comes.

Check the Oil

Your engine will run longer, better, and smoother if you undertake regular oil changes. So, at the start of the Spring check your oil level, fill it up if it’s on the low side and change the oil filter if needed.

Check the Tires

Winters can also be rough on your tires. All that snow and ice can reduce air pressure in them. Get your tires checked for optimal air pressure. Also, inspect them for any wear and tear. Replace the worn-out tires for your safety and enhanced vehicle performance.

Check the Battery

Battery is another part you must check properly to see if it hasn’t weakened over the winters. Driving around with a weak battery is a major hassle as it can stop the car and leave you stranded anywhere, anytime. So, it’s best to replace it before that happens.

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Source: Pexels