Nissan Pathfinder vs. Rogue vs. Murano: A Comparison

The option to choose between a Nissan Pathfinder, Murano, and Rogue can be a tough one. The three crossover SUVs offer many fabulous features, good performance, and a stylish exterior. If you are thinking of buying one of these three cars, here is a comparative analysis to help you decide.

Nissan Pathfinder vs. Murano vs. Rogue

1. Body

The Nissan Murano measures 184.5 inches in length and 72.4 inches in width. The car has a wheelbase of 106.5 inches and a height of 68.5 inches. The Nissan Rogue measures 192.4 inches in length and 75.4 inches in width. The car stands at a height of 67.8 inches with a wheelbase that is 111.2 inches. The Pathfinder is the longest out of the three, with a length of 198.5 inches, a width of 77.3 inches, and a height of 70.6 inches. Its wheelbase measures 114.2 inches.

2. Engine

The Nissan Rogue offers a 2.5 liter 16-Valve 4-cylinder engine. The Murano contains a 3.5 liter 24-valve V6-engine, and the Pathfinder contains a 3.5 liter 24-valve V6-engine.

3. Performance

Nissan Rogue offers a horsepower of 170 hp, while the Nissan Murano and Pathfinder offer a horsepower more than 200. Murano stands at 260 HP and Pathfinder stands at 284 HP. Moreover, as far as the fuel economy is concerned, Rogue provides 26 mpg in the city, while Murano provides 20 mpg, and Pathfinder delivers 20 mpg. In addition to this, their highway MPGs are 33, 28, and 27, respectively.

4. Additional features

If you look at Nissan Rogue vs Murano, both the cars offer similar features, like a 5 passenger capacity, automatic brakes in an emergency, etc. They are also equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Nissan Murano and Pathfinder also offer features like a forward collision warning and are equipped with Nissan’s intelligent mobility features.

To sum it up

All three cars offer great performance and looks. The final verdict between Nissan Pathfinder vs Murano vs Rogue would depend on your requirements. If you want to buy the Nissan Rogue, Murano or Pathfinder, you can head over to our Middletown Nissan dealership in Middletown, CT. We also serve customers from the neighboring cities of East Hampton, Meriden, and Portland.

Source: Nissan