What is MAZDA CONNECT Infotainment and How Does it Function?

MAZDA CONNECT is Mazda’s version of an in-car system that provides information, entertainment, and connectivity. CONNECT is simple and easy to use. It facilitates safer use of your phone within your car – it minimizes the risk of accidents and enables you to drive more responsibly while staying connected and entertained on the go.

MAZDA CONNECT Uses Bluetooth Technology

MAZDA CONNECT uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth technology to give you safe access to a variety of features, including music, maps, and phone. Bluetooth linking facilitates hands-free communication.

Link your Phone Contacts to CONNECT

Connect your CONNECT to your smartphone by activating Bluetooth settings on both your smartphone and CONNECT. MAZDA CONNECT gets access to your contacts list and gets synced with it.

Once the sync is established, you can input voice commands to the system to call or send messages to people in the contact list. You can reply to text messages using CONNECT’s built-in response system.

You can also view social media notifications using MAZDA’s in-car apps for Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s how you can activate Bluetooth to sync CONNECT with your smartphone:

  • Search for Gear icon on CONNECT touchscreen and tap it
  • Choose Bluetooth on the Devices tab
  • Turn the Bluetooth option on
  • Choose “Add a New Device” option
  • Activate Bluetooth settings on your smartphone
  • Select MAZDA on your phone once the device name appears
  • Input the unique pairing code. The code is usually 4-digit or 6-digit long
  • Your Bluetooth is now set for use

MAZDA CONNECT Supports Built-In and Ancillary Music Devices

The system has a built-in AM/ FM radio. Depending on the MAZDA model, there may also be a CD and DVD system. Ancillary devices such as smartphones and USB devices can be connected through Bluetooth, USB port, or an auxiliary cable.

You can also listen to your favorite music by connecting to in-car apps such as Stitcher and Aha. Accessibility to music apps depends on the MAZDA model.

Be Reminded About your Car Maintenance Schedule!

CONNECT provides information customized to your vehicle. To enable customization, go to the Setting menu on CONNECT. You can adjust the system’s features such as display, volume, and brightness. You can also adjust the System to customize maps, devices, and vehicle information.

The system is customized to provide you with key car maintenance information such as oil change, tire rotation, and more.

Take Help from How-To Guides

MAZDA CONNECT comes with exhaustive How-To guides to help you set and customize the system. The How-To Guide section can be accessed from CONNECT’s homepage screen; it is located on the far left of the screen.

If you want to learn more about MAZDA CONNECT or want to explore vehicles with the infotainment system, then visit our MAZDA Middletown, CT, auto center.  Our Middletown Nissan dealership is located conveniently near Meriden, East Hampton, and Portland.

Source: Mazda