What's The Difference Between Conventional Oil and Synthetic Oil?

If you drive a Nissan, you’re probably aware of its awesome aspects in terms of innovative technology and price tags. But when it comes to maintenance, such as regular oil changes, you might have to think twice before you decide at your local shop if you should use conventional oil or synthetic oil.

Fortunately, all Nissan models are compatible with both conventional and synthetic oil. So are there any advantages of using one over the other to ensure better longevity? Our team at Middletown Nissan service center always recommend the best oil for your vehicle but when you know the differences between conventional and synthetic oil, you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a look.

What is conventional oil and synthetic oil?

Conventional motor oil is refined from naturally-occurring crude oil while synthetic oil is created artificially using chemical compounds to mimic the best properties of crude oil with fewer contaminants. Synthetic oil is available as synthetic blends and full synthetic oils, depending on the quality of the base oil used.

Advantages of synthetic oil over conventional oil

Conventional oil has been used for decades and there is nothing wrong with it. Many auto shops still use it as the default choice when performing an oil change. However, synthetic oil is more beneficial for your engine.

Since synthetic oil is cleaner and more refined, it has higher viscosity, provides better lubrication and, as a result, better overall engine performance and wear protection than conventional oil.

Full synthetic oils are engineered to resist high temperatures which mean it doesn’t break down or evaporate like conventional oil when driving in hot climates, hauling or towing or under extreme turbo conditions. It is also tailored to flow more smoothly through the engine at low temperatures or when your vehicle is not in use for some period.

The cost difference between conventional and synthetic oil

A synthetic oil change costs 2-3 times more per visit than conventional oil. But when calculating total annual cost, it’s important that you consider the life between changes. Synthetic oil has 2-3 times longer oil change intervals which make it worth the investment in the long run when compared to conventional oil.

Middletown Nissan dealership always go the extra mile to ensure your Nissan remains safe on the road for many years to come and make the experience of your ownership the most enjoyable.

Our group of Middletown Nissan staff is highly trained on all maintenance, repairs, and other factory services. Stop by at Middletown Nissan service center for upkeep for oil changes, tires, brakes, transmission repair, profound fixes, parts and accessories, and more.

Source: Pexels