Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

It does not require anything more than a routine checkup in Middletown, CT to find out whether or not you need to change your vehicle’s engine oil. Unfortunately, far too many car owners ignore or delay the oil change, which can lead to unwanted and costly repairs further down the road. 

Good and clean oil actually improves the performance of your engine and prolongs its life. It never pays to rely only on mileage to have your oil topped off. Instead, look for these signs your vehicle needs a replenishment of this essential fluid.

Change Oil Alerts

The most obvious sign that your vehicle needs an oil change is when the 'Check Oil' light illuminates or when the 'Oil Change' indicator comes on. These tell you that the system does not have enough oil and demands an immediate oil change.

Engine Noises and Engine Knocking

Another sign hinting at an immediate oil change is when you start to hear a knocking sound. These engine noises begin when the fluid is not doing its job. 

Oil Color

On your next visit to a garage in Middleton, CT, ask for an oil checkup. If the inspection shows that the oil is somewhat translucent or amber in color, then everything is OK. However, if the engine oil is dark or dirty, this is a sign that your car needs an oil change. To be on the safe side, make it a point to check the condition of your engine oil once in 30 days.

Miscellaneous Signs

Another sign that indicates that your vehicle requires an oil change is when the cabin starts to reek of oil. Also, if the exhaust is belching out smoke, don't sit still. 

Finally, you know it's time for a top-off when there are a lot of miles on your speedometer. Typically, an oil change is required after 3000 miles or 3 months for old cars, and every 6000 miles or 6 months, for a new model.

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The bottom line is that you must change the oil regularly to prevent premature aging of your vehicle. The right amount and quality also prevent unwanted wear and tear, thereby ensuring that you won't have to pay for costly engine repairs later on. Call or visit our Nissan Service Department in Middletown! The Middletown Nissan service team look forward to making your ownership experience as enjoyable as it is meant to be.