Is Your Nissan Ready for Winter?

Whether you're driving a Nissan hatchback, sedan or SUV; you know your vehicle is tough and built to last long. But winter can be harsh on your model, and it's critical to prepare it for the season ahead for smooth and reliable functionality.

4 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Nissan for Winter

1. Power Up Your Battery
Your battery must be at it's highest performance to enable bring out its true ability. Sufficient water must replace the lead plates in your battery. 

If the level is not adequate, then water needs to be added. You can execute this yourself if you are well-knowledgeable of vehicle services. But, getting it done at our authorized Nissan service center in Middletown, CT, would be more advisable. 

On top of checking battery levels, determine whether a battery recharge would be necessary later. It's recommended to do so if required. We also examine battery terminals and cables to ensure they are tight and clean.

2. Keep Your Vehicle’s Antifreeze at Adequate Levels
The normal proportion of your antifreeze is 50:50 with water. This ratio protects your Nissan at temperatures below 20 degrees. If you live in an area that experiences colder winter temperatures, then your antifreeze solution must be replaced with straight or undiluted antifreeze to the required levels.

3. Ensure Your Tires Are Up to The Winter
Good tread depth is crucial to maintain a good grip while driving. For this, your Nissan’s tread depth must be about 4/32 inches of the remaining tread depth. Also, check if the tires bear adequate pressure. This should be done regularly as colder temperatures lower tire pressures.

If you go on frequent trips that include steep inclines or snow-filled roads, opt for winter tires.

4. Protect Your Vehicle Exterior
More arctic temperatures can damage the paint on your Nissan’s exterior. If you want your vehicle to maintain looking good, give it a coat of wax before the chill sets in.

Your Nissan is built for performance. Equip it with good winter care to get the best of it.
As an authorized Nissan service center, we offer the best winter service and attractive deals. Why not visit us at Middletown, CT, today?