Nissan Triple Threat: Rogue vs. Murano vs. Pathfinder

    Nissan provides a car for absolutely every person.  a speed mobile for a race? Nissan has you covered. Want a soccer mom vehicle? They have that too. What about a sturdy, mean, towing machine?  Yup, you can find those here as well. 

    You Choose: Murano vs. Rogue vs. Pathfinder

    At Middletown Nissan, we promote an extensive range of Nissan cars in Middletown. But of all our models, the top three that we recommend to our buyers are the Nissan Rogue, Nissan Murano and Nissan Pathfinder. 


      • Engine: 16-valve, 4-cylinder, 2.5-liter DOHC
      • Horsepower: 170
      • MPG: 26/33
      • Seats: 5
      • Towing: 1100 pounds
      • Cargo (seats up): 39.3 cubic feet
      • Cargo (seats down): 70 cubic feet

    If it’s a small crossover that you’re looking for, then the Nissan Rogue represents as an excellent choice. This crossover is one of the fastest on the Nissan range and offers amazing passenger comfort. The car boasts ProPILOT Assist safety technology, which makes it considerably safe. In addition, come in a Sport version that's more rugged and traditionally SUV-like. 


      • Engine: 24-valve, V6, 3.5 liter DOHC
      • Horsepower: 260
      • MPG: 21/38
      • Seats: 5
      • Towing: 1,500 pounds
      • Cargo (seats up): 32.1 cubic feet
      • Cargo (seats down): 67 cubic feet

    Another crossover in the Nissan range, the Murano, represents a sturdy and dependable vehicle. The car looks extremely high-end and comes fully loaded with intelligent features like adaptive cruise control, zero-gravity seats, in-car climate controls, ambient lighting, and more. Essentially, this car is excellent if you desire something that offers the quality of an SUV and the comfort of a sedan. 


      • Engine: 24-valve, V6, 3.5 liter DOHC
      • Horsepower: 284
      • MPG: 20/27
      • Seats: 7
      • Towing: 6,000 pounds
      • Cargo (seats up): 16 cu.ft
      • Cargo (seats down): 79.5 cu.ft

    One of the largest and most spacious SUVs in the Nissan range, the Pathfinder is built for the most aggressive, most-rugged environments. The Pathfinder’s extraordinary towing & hauling capacity makes it perfect for long expeditions and off-roading. The EX Flex seating system makes the seats super-comfortable to sit in. 

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