Ready to Trade-In Your Used Car? We Have Tips to Get the Most out of Your Trade-In!

Before you make up your mind about buying a new car, you have to figure out how to dispose of your old one. You may sell the car before purchasing a new one, but the better option is to trade-in your old car. Trade-ins are a smart investment choice, as they help you save money on your down payment.

Start From The Beginning

You can increase the trade-in value of your car from the first day itself, long before you bring it into the dealership. Carry out regular maintenance checks, which should include things like oil changes, tire rotations, and topping the brake and engine fluids. Keep note of all the maintenance appointments too. The dealer will be inclined to give you a better deal if they have a comprehensive list of all the repairs and upkeeps.

Clean Your Car

Most trade-ins depend on the cosmetics of your vehicle. If you want to receive the best deal on your model, you should invest in car wax and polish before taking it to the dealership. However, remember that cleaning too well is a red flag. A car over five years old cannot look like it’s fresh out of the factory, regardless of how tidy it is. If your vehicle looks too clean, the dealer may suspect that you are trying to hide something, resulting in a lower trade-in price.


While modifications are intended to customize your vehicle, too many changes to its looks can cause you to get a lesser price than you originally anticipated. Modified versions do not sell well, as the buyer should have the same taste as the seller for a successful sale. Remove all the additional upholstery and repaint the exterior if you have an outrageous color scheme.

Trading your old car for a new one always presents a set of unexpected challenges. Our Nissan dealership in Middletown, CT, is dedicated to helping you find the best value for your used car without the hassles that come with such trade-ins. To know more about how you can get the best value out of your used vehicle, visit Middletown Nissan today!