When Should You Change Your Air Filter?

The air filter in your car is crucial in delivering maximum power to your engine, thereby increasing its efficacy. Air filters allow clean air to pass through the valve train and keep out harmful contaminants that can destroy your engine. There are a few warning signs that you should look out for to have a better sense of when you should replace your air filter.

  • Your Engine Misfires
    One of the more common signs of an unclean air filter is that your engine malfunctions. An unclean air filter impedes the amount of airflow, which can pollute your spark plugs, causing your engine to misfire or not start up at all. You can notice this when the car idles, or the ignition turns.

  • Problems With Acceleration
    Your car's ability to accelerate easily depends primarily on the clean air your engine receives. If your car does not respond when you press down on the accelerator, or if you notice jerking movements when you speed up, you may want to take a look at the air filter of your engine.

  • Black Smoke From The Exhaust
    One of the most prominent signs that you need to change the air filter of your car is black smoke exiting the exhaust. When your car receives insufficient air, fuel does not burn efficiently. In severe cases, you may even hear popping sounds or flames at the end of the exhaust, signaling that the excess fuel in the pipe has started to burn.

  • Smell Of Gasoline
    When unburnt fuel exits the exhaust system of your car, it gives off the smell of gasoline. If you find yourself constantly filling the fuel of your car, along with the smell of gasoline every time you accelerate, you should check the air filter of your car.

  • Air Filter Looks Dirty
    A visual inspection will confirm your suspicions. A new or clean air filter looks white or off-white, while dirty air filters look grey or black. Check your filter during the daytime or with a flashlight for accurate results.

Changing your air filter is essential to keep your engine running well and increase the lifespan of your car. If your air filter needs changing, book an appointment at our dealership in Middletown, CT, and keep your car at peak performance for years to come.