Benefits of Leasing Versus Buying a Nissan

Should you buy or lease a car? This decision has financial implications, but money should not be the only deciding factor. Your lifestyle and personal taste will also play a major role in this decision. Whether you opt to purchase or go for a Nissan Altima lease will depend on your budget, personal preferences, and goals. Both purchasing and leasing a Nissan has its own benefits.

Here they are:

Benefits of Leasing

1. Low Monthly Payments: With a Nissan Altima lease, there’s hardly any down payment needed. You also don’t have to pay an immediate sales tax.

2. Pay for the Depreciation: When you lease a Nissan, you’re renting it for a fixed period, usually between 1 to 4 years. The amount paid each month is linked to the depreciation that is expected.

3. Few Repair Costs: You will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty during the lease term, so don’t worry if you get an unexpected hit or repair.

4. Drive a New Nissan Model: With Nissan leasing, you get to drive around in a new model every couple of years. This means you will have access to the newest comforts, technology, and safety features.

5. No Selling Necessary: Once your lease term is complete, you simply have to return the Nissan or go for a new Nissan Altima lease. You’re never faced with the hassles of selling the car yourself or worrying about a fair trade-in worth.

6. No loan approval necessary: If your credit is poor, you don’t have to worry whether you’ll get the lease. The leasing company isn’t as strict a lender as a bank. They will simply seize the Nissan if you’re unable to pay or violate the terms.

Benefits of Purchasing

1. The option to sell: You have the flexibility to sell or trade your Nissan at any time. You’re not locked into a lease period.

2. NO mileage limits: You may drive your Nissan for as many miles as required. There are no caps on the mileage or fees to face if you exceed the mileage limit.

3. No limits on appearance: If you don’t want to worry about accessorizing your Nissan or keeping it in top shape, then you should consider purchasing your Nissan.

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Source: Nissan